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Will MD

William DĂ©gge AKA Will MD started out his dj career playing Liquid Drum & Bass in 2004. After spending hours listening to djs of all styles he bought his first set of decks and was hooked. WMD quickly mastered the art of beatmatching and an appetite for something more led him to investigate the possibilities of scratching and digital dj technology. M-audio's Torq DVS helped that jump into technology inspiring him to develop his skills further.

It was 2009 Will MD approached NSB Radio about hosting a show. Once there he invited Phat Pilgrim to get involved and Thank Phat It's Friday was born.

He has sound engineering experience, helped establish DVSDJTV (a 24/7 live stream for DJs around the world), set up and co-managed A7A Media Centre and put together 'Sounds Of The Streets', a hip hop inspired Canterbury Festival fringe night.

Will has eclectic tastes with his Breaks style developed through Nuskool and Tearout and influenced by a range of producers. His party sound and seamless mixing style soon attracted attention, especially from the Phat Pilgrim Crew. Will MD has since played for Omniscience, Phat Pilgrim, Dirty B & a9ent0ran9e's single launch parties and other underground events in the south-east at venues including Chill, Alberrys and Dv8.

Will is currently travelling, blogging and looking for a way to live sustainably. You can follow his journey here www.heaven7heaven.blogspot.co.uk

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