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a9ent0ran9e has been a part of the psychedelic scene for over a decade playing at Organized Kaos, Omniscience, Little Green Planet and Waveform Festival to name just a few.

His unique blend of Breaks, Electro, Funk, Tech House and Psychedelia is sure to engage the mind while rocking the dance floor and if you're looking for something a little different, this is one act you don't want to miss.

Releases on the Phat Pilgrim imprint inlcude 'Fix Your Shadow', 'This Life' and 'Menace 2 Sobriety' alongside remix projects for the likes of Psychemagik and Wobbly Squadron.

a9ent0ran9e co-hosts 'Thank Phat It's Friday' with Will.d & Damn Right EVERY FRIDAY 5-7pm gmt on NSB RADIO (www.nsbradio.co.uk)

"Classy electronica and breaks - Weaving disparate elements of dub, classic techno acid and ambience, he makes music to engage the head as well as the feet. Influences of Leftfield and Orbital can be discerned among the chunky breaks."

"So okay, you're not going to love typing in... here we go, "a9ent0ran9e" into your search engine very often but cut the guy some slack - this is a cracking debut that twists in and out of straight-ahead breakbeat and off into a freewheeling world of dub, acid, techno and soundscaped chill, in a way that hints at potential greatness. Despite all the drifting tranquillity of so much of this record (and there really is a healthy dollop ofunder-the-influence computer space-out), it's been built for the dancefloor too - check out 'Cyclemotions' bouncing tech-funk, 'Muddy Funkster's' electrofied jump-up and the excellent, squelch-tastic acid groove of 'Fix Your Shadow' for some underground shakedowns of the dirtiest quality. Elsewhere, you'll find that the Leftfield-esque dub of 'Da Funk', serene electro of 'Moonwalking' and soothing electronica of 'Heaven Knows' fit the bill for those quieter moments and album opener 'Amber' coming on like a ghostly re-incarnation of Opus 3's classic 'Fine Day'; bumping grooves one minute, post-0r9asmic chill the next... miss this one at your peril."

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